Bath 'N' Style Tiles & Stones was launched in Coimbatore in the year 2005. We are creatives who design, build and create beautiful tiling concepts and provide you with good quality tiles and natural stones. We are a multi-brand showroom primarily showcasing premium quality tiles and natural stones from world-class companies around different parts of the world. We have a wide range of variety of all kinds of tiles and natural stone collections that can illuminate your place with the aura of auspiciousness. We also provide all kinds of add-on services and supporting products for tiles, natural stones and glass mosaics.

We work with you to design something that best suits your ideology, taste and imagination. Our team collaborates with Architects, Engineers, Builders and many other industry leaders to bring their dream projects into reality. We are different in a way that all our products, designs and concepts are innovative and customizable. Our biggest strength is customizability and, mix and match designs. We are known for our exquisite and exclusive collections.

Bath 'N' Style is a Tile Boutique. We are a multi-brand showroom. Thus, We deal with almost 80 companies from 23 countries around the world. We are known for having an excellent presentation of our products in our showroom that helps in better understanding for the customers. Our presence in Coimbatore helps people to know the new updated trend and help them to educate and visualize the interior and exterior tiling concepts and techniques. We help them to ideate and bring up with their own imaginations of their dream home. Our vision is to bring all alluring tiles available in the world market to be exhibited in our showroom in Coimbatore. Our mission is to create fashionable and stylish homes to enhance and unleash the living experience to the fullest by offering quality luxury goods.

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